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Gotham City: Villanos

DC comics: Villains


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Pinterest comics

Un vídeo cosplay realizado con gusto (London Comic-Con)

London Super Comic-Con – LSCC – 2014 – Cosplay Music Video

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Los Super Héroes by John Gallagher

The Superheroes by John Gallagher


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Fuente original: John Gallagher

Ilustraciones Star Wars

Star Wars illustrations

star wars 11

star wars 21

star wars 31

star wars 4

visto en: FuckYeahLucasfilm

Joker y Harley Quinn

DC comics

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joker 3

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Mundo Marvel / Marvel world

The heroes  Marvel: Battle to Ultron

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Superior Spiderman

marvel 2

Thor: God of Thunder

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marvel 4

Guardians of the Galaxy

marvel 6

Mundo comic. By Richard Rider




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Mundo comic / Comic world

Harley 424x600Harley Quinn


deadpool 428x600Deadpool


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Mortal Kombat: Shang Tsung & Goro – Concept Art (by Albert Co)

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Fuente: Albert Co

Comics art 3D


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mila dead or alive 5 by kamsonx d5rkimw

unnamed web by ophelia overdose d5scw37

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