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Super héroes en la ciudad (Fans comics)

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fuente: http://www.chowkarhoo.com/

Mundo pirata

pirates 06

pirates 08

pirates 01

pirates 09

pirates 10

pirates 17

pirates 15

pirates 02

fuente: http://tattooed-girls-s.blogspot.com.es

Dragones y mazmorras

3d works 06


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36695 1920x1080


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36949 1920x1080

Las chicas cosplay se lo toman en serio

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Lol cosplay men (Fans a lo pobre)

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Art by Jung Myung Lee

019 conceptual art jung myung lee


001 conceptual art jung myung lee


003 conceptual art jung myung lee


004 conceptual art jung myung lee


006 conceptual art jung myung lee

Dragones y mazmorras II.

nicodemus cover by kerembeyit d3kuxzd 405x600

3d illustration l 141 346x600

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Video Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, USA (Especial fans Cosplay)

fuente: http://youtu.be/9jKt4utfaJ8

5383948 700b 372x600

black widow vengadores 399x600

eye of the storm by paradise cosplay d4124h4

demon hunter diablo 399x600

Picture 52 399x600

female assassin creed 382x600

sexy tron dress 3 418x600

tyrael diablo 423x600

warmachine ironman 382x600



Dragones y mazmorras

3d illustration l 13 491x6003d works 12 390x60006 400x60002 428x600214162 1172110823 large thumb 423x6003d works 16 400x600

fuente: http://tattooed-girls-s.blogspot.com.es/

Sci Fi

3d works 36 471x600

3d works 34 451x600

3d works 35 582x600

3d works 32 453x600